The construction industry is well aware of the importance of job safety, but Hi-Tech Electric’s commitment goes beyond meeting minimal standards. Hi-Tech Electric has partnered with a third party Safety Consultant to enhance our safety program with regular jobsite safety inspections, onsite safety training, and weekly Toolbox Safety topics designed to identify common safety hazards and prevent accidents before they happen.

Our commitment to safety includes meeting or exceeding all workers compensation requirements and OSHA standards in each of the states in which we work. Employee participation in all company safety matters is a reality at Hi-Tech Electric. Each regional office has an effective and aggressive safety committee, comprised of the General Superintendent, 2 Foremen, 1 Journeyman and 1 Apprentice to ensure maximum employee participation. Our training and safety commitment is combined with a monthly safety incentive program that extends to all field employees to make Hi-Tech Electric’s safety program one of the best in the industry.

Our Corporate Safety Committee includes upper management, local safety managers and our third party safety consultant to respond effectively to matters relating to employee and job safety. Our safety record demonstrates how well our efforts have paid off.

Hi-Tech Electric exceeds normal training standards. A Safety Orientation is provided to all personnel before they begin their first job through an interactive training course that requires the employee to demonstrate the knowledge through hands-on interaction. They are also trained in Hazard Communications.  This includes instruction on how to read and understand Material Safety Data Sheets which are kept at every jobsite.

At Hi-Tech Electric, training is a serious responsibility and we’re up to the task with our state of the art training programs. As a member of the “Association of Building Contractors” our personnel receive updated safety and skills training as well as annual refresher courses by A.B.C.’s regional offices.

Hi-Tech Electric’s commitment to safety extends to 100% drug testing of employees during the hiring process, including office and management personnel. We continue this program through monthly random drug testing. We use a nationally recognized and approved drug-testing lab for all tests.