PCCP- Pump Stations

  • Owner: USACE
  • Contractor: Kiewit / M.R. Pittman Group
  • Date Completed: 02/18
  • Contract: $31,300,000

PCCP (Permanent Canal and Closure Pumps) is the last major U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 100 year flood protection project post Katrina.  This design/build project consisted of three separate facilities, which are located on the 17th Street Canal, Orleans Avenue Canal and London Avenue Canal.  Each site contains a Pump Station building that houses the 1800cfs electric driven pumps and supporting equipment, a Generator Building that houses 6.5MW diesel generators and supporting equipment, an Auxiliary Building that houses living quarters and control rooms, and floodgates that protect the city from a 16-ft storm surge. 

Hi-Tech Electric was involved in the beginning with the designer and prime contractor to design and produce construction drawings and documents.  Additionally, we produced 3D BIM modeling for coordination with other trades. 

In total there are:

  • 10- 1800CFS Pumps 
  • 7- 900CFS Pumps 
  • 30- 6.5MW Diesel Generators 
  • 30- 500 Gallon Diesel Day Tanks 
  • 13- 50,000 Gallon Diesel Bulk Storage Tanks  

All together, the three pump stations have the ability to pump 24,300 cu ft of water per second continuously for up to five days!