Shell Appomattox

  • Owner: Shell
  • Contractor: Broadmoor
  • Date Completed: 09/17
  • Contract: $7,500,000

The Shell Appomattox FPS (floating production system) is going to be Shell’s largest FPS in the Gulf of Mexico once it is brought out to its home in the Appomattox/Vicksburg field, 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana.  Here it will be floating in 7,400ft of water and producing 175,000 barrels of oil at its peak with production scheduled to start in 2020. Hi-Tech Electric worked in a coordinated effort with the prime contractor and other subcontractors to produce a high quality product delivered on time.  The living quarters was a 12 month project consisting of a 4 story, 43,000 square foot building outfitted with sleeping quarters for 134 people, galley, fitness room, sickbay, and a safe welding area.