Digital Island

  • Owner: Digital Island
  • Contractor: Constructors & Associates
  • Date Completed: 03/01
  • Contract: $10,000,000

Web hosting site that was awarded based on our professional electrical services. The owner purchased all the generator, electrical switchgear, UPS systems, and power distribution units. We expedited all their equipment purchases for a negotiated fee. The building was an existing commercial retail complex with tilt wall construction. Due to the maze of large equipment conduit system and lack of overhead ceiling cavity we elected to completely remove the slab on grade, excavated eight foot of sub-soils then install all the raceways underground. This complete electrical installation was completed under a very aggressive schedule (9-months). It was quite an undertaking and is a project we are extremely proud of. Large computer raised floor area. 24 – PDU’s 3 – Utility services. 3 – 2000 KW generators. 7 – 750 KW UPS